What is the new e-signature service of NETLOCK?

NETLOCK is an electronic signature service, which is cloud-based, built on key storage, and adaptable to corporate IT systems; and it supports the secure key and certificate management (qualified certificate) of a large number of users; and can provide document authentication at any places, anytime, using any devices with legal effect.


An individual can only request 1 personal certificate.

Why is the NETLOCK video identification useful?

The new identification method significantly speeds up and simplifies the personal identification process necessary for the issuing of certificates.


Video registration 5 minutes, 6 steps

The NETLOCK personal video registration is done through the below 6 easy steps. After the video registration process, the signature certificate will be issued from the NETLOCK system following a short identification.

You will need a valid e-mail address for the registration!


First steps

Starting of the registration


Second step

Acceptance of the terms of use and the regulations


Third step

Entering and activation of the e-mail address and the phone number


Fourth step

Video registration, by showing of an identity card

If the read data is incorrect, you can also correct them manually.

Fifth step

Checking of the registration and issuing of the certificate


Sixth step

Start to use the NETLOCK system

Recommended technical conditions for the registration

  • Browser

    The latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is recommended.

  • Stabile internet access (preferably WiFi or wire internet).
  • Mobile phone and phone number

    A mobile phone and phone number able to receive text (SMS) messages.

  • Web camera (min. resolution: HD ready 720p) and microphone.
  • "Up to date" operating system

    In order to provide for maximum protection and security, the device's operating system must, in any case, be upgraded to the latest version, or updated as necessary.

What to pay attention to during the video registration?

  • Identification is carried out using your web camera, so you should enable its use, which will also be prompted by the NETLOCK system.

  • Check whether the camera glass is clean and not covered by anything.

  • Before the video registration, check whether your e-mail address is useable. The activation e-mail and other mails sent by the service provider may get to the spam folder, so check that when using the NETLOCK service.

  • There are random tasks to carry out during the video registration. For successful requesting, please check and concentrate on the above.

  • Follow the instructions for video registration. Carefully read the tasks and be sure to meet the time period.

  • Be alone in front of the camera until the end of the video registration, and make sure there is no noise.

  • Proper light conditions should be provided for the video registration, so please find a place bright enough. Be close to a window, preferably opposite to it. If there is not enough light, please switch on the light. Note that a direct, strong light onto the camera may be bothering.

  • You can interrupt and restart the video registration process at any time in case you have got the data needed for registration.

  • The video tasks will be stored in our system at the end of the registration process, and the registration video will be uploaded. Do not close the browser window during the uploading, as you will also be prompted by the NETLOCK system. A large amount of data will be uploaded at the end of the process (data traffic of 25–50 MB).

What will happen to my data and the video recording?

Security is important for NETLOCK. We manage all data securely, in compliance with legal regulations.

  • All provided information and the video recording will be stored in an encrypted and secure was in the NETLOCK system.

  • The video recording can be elaborated and viewed only by trust-position NETLOCK employees having special permissions, and not accessible to any third parties.

Agreeing to the video registration

  • The information on video identification

    shall be acknowledged, understood, and agreed to by you before the video registration.

  • You shall also agree

    that you will be identified through the video in the NETLOCK system.

  • Reading of the declarations

    Upon starting of the video identification, you will have to read out the following sentences, related to the registration:

    • „I have understood and accepted the information on video identification.”
    • “I agree to be identified through the video.”
  • Verification code (SMS)

    The verification code sent in an SMS shall be read out during the registration process. Please open your messages and have this code at hand.

  • Identification card

    You will have to read out the no. of your identity card and also show the card during the identification, so please keep it at hand.

Unsuccessful video registration cases

In case of an unsuccessful registration, NETLOCK will send information about that, including short information about why the registration and the certificate request was refused.

After an unsuccessful registration, you can request a certificate again by a new video registration, even with the same e-mail address that was used before for requesting.

Examples of refusal cases:

  • Provision of faulty personal data.
  • Video registration tasks were not properly carried out
  • Bad video quality

When can I use the NETLOCK service?

  • After the video registration the professionals of NETLOCK will verify the data provided by you, and if they find everything is OK, they will permit the issuing of the certificate necessary for the e-signature. Incoming registrations are processed continuously; the time period of processing also depends on the amount of received registration.
  • After a successful registration, we will send a message to have the Certificate issuance confirmed to the e-mail address provided.
    • The e-mail will contain the certificate data and also the documentation regarding the NETLOCK service.
  • In case of successful registration access will be activated and the NETLOCK service will be available.

How can I use the NETLOCK service?

After the issuing of the qualified certificate, you shall online log in to the signing portal or download the NETLOCK application from Google Play or iOS App Store.

NETLOCK web alkalmazás link gomb   NETLOCK mobil Android application download button   NETLOCK mobil iOS application download button

You can log in to the NETLOCK system using any device (notebook, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) having access to the internet, and enjoy the legal effect of qualified electronic signature at any place and anytime.

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